The Discovery of the Tomb of the Physician at Saqq

The Tomb of Qar in Saqqara is another tomb that we recently discovered. It is located to the south of the Step Pyramid. The tomb has a vaulted ceiling. The inside wall depicts scenes of an ox jumping a cow and another scene shows the deceased sitting in front of an offering table. The false door is beautifully inscribed with the name “Qar” and his title as the “physician in the palace”. In front of the false door is a beautiful alabaster offering table inscribed and about 30 bronze surgical instruments. This is the first time that these types of tools have been discovered inside a tomb. Also, outside the tomb we found a cache of bronze statues of the gods and goddesses, such as, Ptah, Isis, Osiris, Harpocrate, and a unique statue of the architect Imhotep. The tomb is dated to the 6th Dynasty in the Old Kingdom but the statues date to the 26th Dynasty in the Late Period. On the south wall of the tomb we discovered an inscribed drum with the name of the deceased and his title. The burial shaft was found behind the false door, it is about 60 feet deep. At the bottom of the shaft we discovered the sarcophagus.

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