Navratri – Nine Days

The whole delusions of the world consists of nine elements – ‘Panchamahabhurt’ (the fine basic & fundamental elements from which the matter is made.) and four ‘Antahkaran’ (four types of consciousness). According to the Sadhakas, these nine elements symbolize the nine forms of ‘Shakti’ or goddess Durga. This Shakti prevails in the whole world. The same Shakti is known as ‘Mahakali’ (which symbolises physical, strength & power), ‘Mahalaxmi’ (which symbolises materialistic wealth and prosperity), and ‘Mahasaraswati’ (which symbolises mental).

Eighteen days have been fined as the most auspicious days, for the worship of three forms of Durga. Out of these eighteen days, nine days come in the Hindu month of ‘Vasant’ (spring) and the remaining nine-days fall in the Hindu month of ‘Sharad’ (Autumn). This is the reason behind the importance of the number nine of the famous Navratras.’

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