Hanuman Jayanti

The birthday of Hanuman – the supreme devotee of Sri Ram is celebrated on full moon day of the bright lunar phase, in the Hindu month of Chaitra. The most powerful and valiant Hanuman who was also the gem of the scholars has been an inspiration for all of us since time immemorial. Because of his phenomenal strength and power, Hanuman is revered by the wrestlers. Hanuman’s bravery is unmatched. This is the reason why government of India has named the bravery award on him i.e. Mahavir-Chakra. Being inspired by Hanuman’s phenomenal valiance, the supreme warrior Arjun, had established him on the flag of his chariot. Hanuman is not only brave but he is also an example of supreme loyality and faithfulness, which he had towards his master, Sri Ram. If a man worships Hanuman and takes his refuge, then he will be able to have darshan of Sri Ram in no time – just like Tulsidas. When Sri Ram met Hanuman for the first time he was very impressed by his knowledge. He told Laxman: “O Laxman, it seems this person (Hanuman) has thoroughly studied the grammar. That is the reason why he did not pronounce incorrectly even a single word, during such a long conversation with me.” Hanuman’s high degree of knowledge can be understood from the following incident.

Once Sri Ram asked Hanuman as to who he was. Hanuman replied by saying: “If you consider me just as the possessor of my physical body, then I am your servant. If you consider me as a soul then I am your ‘Ansha’ (part). My belief is based on the fact that my existence is not different from you in any way.” On Hanuman Jayanti the various games which are based on strength and power are organised, along with the traditional worship of Hanuman. People are made to understand the phenomenal character of Hanuman – the unmatched warrior of the Indian history, so that they are able to serve the country with fearlessness and without considering their own self-interest. Hanuman’s virtuosity, valiance, discipline and celibacy can prove to be an asset for any society or country.

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