Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica-of-Bom-JesusThis church is one of the richest churches in Goa and is carpeted with marble flooring and inlaid with precious stones. The church of Bom Jesus “Good” or “Infant Jesus” is well known originally for the tomb of St. Francis Xavier. The church also holds paintings of St. Francis Xavier. This church stands as the best example of baroque architecture. The mortal of St. Francis which was bought to Goa, almost 150 year after his death still remains there. It was a gift by Medici, Cosimo III who was the Grand Duke of Tuscany. The mortal lies in a silver casket, containing a airtight glass coffin, the caet being designed by a 17th century Florentine jeweller. This church is frequented by a large number of tourists.

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